Big Steve's Little Smiley Collection

Here is a collection of small and two-dimensional smileys, mostly animated, suitable for posting on discussion boards. By far the best source of these is; they even let you hot-link to them, so you don't have to link to the images here and waste Big Steve's precious bandwidth.

Green DancerBlue Dancer Red Dancer
happy Happy Sad sad
grinning Grinning Crying crying
LOL LOL Sobbing sobbing
ROFL ROFL Angry angry
winking Winking Furious furious
razzing Razzing Embarassed embarassed
cool Cool WTF WTF
eureka! Eureka! OMG OMG
hi there! Hi There! What to Do? what to do?
in love In Love Whatever whatever
not worthy We're Not Worthy! Wry wry
cheers! Cheers! Sleeping sleeping
patriotic Patriotic Stoned stoned
angel Angel Devil devil
samurai Samurai Assimilated assimilated

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