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I know, we're up to Heroes of Might and Magic V, but if you still like Heroes III, you may want to try these scenarios. If you want to make your own, first read these map-making tips.

The Scenarios

These scenarios all require the Heroes III: The Shadow of Death game to play. You can download them individually, or all together in one convenient zip file.

Age of Heroes
Age of Heroes Allied
Enlist heroes to carve civilization from the wilderness of a great continent. A six-player map on a large land mass. The allied version has the players divided into three teams of two.
Better Homes and Dungeons
Keep your dungeon tidy as you accumulate treasure, but look out for your jealous, conniving neighbor! Also, be careful for the good heroes who occasionally invade the underworld. The first player to collect 100,000 gold wins. Play either a warlock or a necromancer.
Clash of Heroes
Clash of Heroes Allied
You can only spread so far, before the inevitable clash with the enemy heroes. A huge eight-player map with numerous land masses and the maximum possible number of cities. The allied version has the players divided into two teams of two, one team of three, and one lone player.
Heaven and Hell
Good and Evil are at it again in a battle to the finish. Who will win the souls of this world? Two players above and two players below.
Heroes of Myth and Majesty
Only certain heroes make it into the land's majestic myths. Three human players.
Into the Black Heart
Deep inside the dungeon known as Blackheart, a powerful Death Knight has been trapped by the good Alliance. Crawl through the dungeon and defeat him to claim victory. Three human players and one computer player.
For too long your kingdom has been in the thrall of the Northern Wizards and their puppet king. It is time to find the rightful heir and restore him to the throne. Three human players and one computer player.
You must seek vengeance on the Barbarian who assaulted and slaughtered your kin. To reach him you will have to pass through various kingdoms, meeting many foes and few friends. One human versus four computer players.
River Run
The snowfall in the mountains of the northwest feeds the many rivers that wind throughout this land. Travel upstream, downstream, or across dry mountain passes as you chase your enemies around the map. The last one running wins the scenario. Six players.
The Simarillion
The land of Simarillia has its greatest legends recorded in a book known as the Simarillion. An evil old Warlock has taken the book and disguised it as a Tome of Earth Magic. Become the most renowned hero in the land and find the Simarillion. Four human and two computer neighbors.
Titan's March
This odd land is the domain of the great Titans. It is said they muster huge armies from the many types of creatures here, and use them to wage epic battles. Now you and some other lords have established kingdoms here, and would seek to wrest control from the remaining Titans, and from each other. Four human and two computer players.
Tomb Raiders
Scattered throughout the jungle are entrances to the catacombs of an extinct civilization. You and your rivals have arrived to plunder the ancient burial sites. Four players.
War in the Highlands
Rough terrain, mountain passes and arid expanses characterize this highland realm. Three factions vie to dominate it, with the red faction squeezed in the middle.

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